Zebra Pellets # 5662

Mazuri Zebra Pellets are large, palatable cubes designed to complement the nutritional balance of normal roughage intake.

Features & Benefits

Palatable - Feed designed for zebras.
High level of vitamins and minerals - No supplementation needed.

Mazuri Zebra Pellets are designed to replace normal farm feeds. Feed 1 kg per 100 kg of animal body weight per day during the winter, then reduce the amount fed to 0.5 kg or less during the summer. Feed Mazuri Zebra Pellets with the animals normal roughage allowance and always keep clean, fresh water available to the animals.

Product Form:   Pellet size:  3/8" height, 5/8" width x 1" length

Product Size:     50 lb. net weight paper

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein not less than

Crude fat not less than
Crude fiber not more than
Ash not more than